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Special Feature - Older Persons Indepedent Living

Published: Wednesday 18 September 2019
Special Feature - Older Persons Indepedent Living

Special Feature - Older Persons Independent Living


Older Persons Indpendent Living (OPIL) accommodation is high quality housing for people aged 60+ and designed for those who enjoy independent living and provides comfortable accommodation with added safety and security.

We encourage social interaction and community spirit to prevent people feeling lonely and isolated. We work closely with other agencies such as Live Well to deliver age well sessions and chairobics. We provide peace of mind for individuals and family members ensuring help is on hand in emergencies.

Our tenants tell us that they enjoy the benefits of the safety and security of living in OPIL accommodation. They value their independence and living in OPIL accommodation helps them to remain independent. It has been invaluable for some in making new friends and learning new skills such as crafts and cooking.

Features of OPIL acommodation:

  • Outdoor communal gardens.
  • Inside communal spaces including kitchen and laundry room.
  • Low level support and help is on hand when you need it. This is reviewed by your Neighbourhood Officer every 6 months.
  • The communal areas provide a space for a variety of activities which encourage social interaction and community spirit amongst residents; helping prevent people from feeling lonely and isolated. Activities include film afternoons, fish and chip lunches, coffee mornings, craft sessions and reminiscence sessions.


We provide peace of mind for individuals and family members, ensuring help is on hand in emergencies. All accommodation includes the City Wide Care Alarms 24 hour emergency response service.

Our Neighbourhood Officers complete a support plan with all residents to help identify needs, provide a low level support service and check on how you are. Our Caretakers keep the communal areas clean both inside and outside.

Before offering you any OPIL accommodation we will check to make sure it meets all your housing needs. You will also be invited to an accompanied viewing without any commitment to sign for the property.

Annual Renewal of Housing Applications

Published: Thursday 12 September 2019

Throughout 2019 we will continue our ongoing review of the SCC Housing Register. This means we will be asking everyone who has applied for social housing to log on and go into their housing application to check and update their details.

Not all customers will be reviewed at the same time. If you have a housing application we will contact you by letter to ask you to update your details. You must do this within the specified timescale, which is normally 28 days from the date on your letter.

Further information about the renewal process and ID requirements can be found on your renewal letter or by clicking the link below.

To login you will need your housing application number which is included on the renewals letter and is shown on any previous correspondence from us.

You will also need your memorable date which is personal to you. There is a facility on the Sheffield Property Shop website which will allow you to reset this if you have forgotten it.

If you do not complete the renewal when we ask you to and submit all the required ID, your housing application will be cancelled and you will lose any waiting time you have built up. If this happens and you still want to be considered for social housing you will need to complete a new housing application.

Changes On How to Pay Your Rent

Published: Tuesday 12 June 2018

Tenancy Conditions for all city council tenancies change on 25th June 2018. One of the main changes from this date is that paying rent by Direct Debit will be a condition of your tenancy.

Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment as it saves you and the council time and money when making a payment. It is the only method of payment that comes with a guarantee. 

  • It avoids arrears & helps to sustain tenancies
  • Is quick and simple to set up, and can be done over the phone
  • You will not need to remember to pay your rent, and will not miss any rent payments
  • Changes to the amount due is done automatically when the rent changes

Rent is calculated weekly, and is payable as soon as the tenancy agreement is signed, as it is due in advance.  Our Direct Debit payment cycles can be tailored to suit your needs (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and which option you prefer will be discussed with you when you view your potential home.

For more information, please visit the following link