Choosing a Property

Sheffield operates a Choice Based Lettings system which involves applicants ‘bidding’ on properties they would like to be considered for. Applicants can place a maximum of 3 bids per week on properties advertised for let. A bid is an expression of interest and does not involve any money.

We advertise all available Council and Housing Association properties weekly on the Sheffield Property Shop website. You will only be able to place a bid on a property if you meet the eligibility criteria. The advert will advise you what the eligibility criteria for each property is. Further guidance on eligibility can be found within Sheffield City Council’s Allocations Policy.

Some Housing Associations have their own eligibility rules which may differ from those of Sheffield City Council. Where this is the case, the advert will state the eligibility criteria. If you place a bid on one of these properties and do not meet the eligibility criteria, your bid will not be considered and will prevent you from bidding on another property which you may be eligible for.

You should therefore ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before placing any bids.

When you have decided which properties you would like to bid for, you can do so in the following ways:

  • On the Sheffield Property Shop website.
  • By calling the automated bidding phone line on 0300 111 0134. *

* Calls last 3.5 minutes for 3 bids and typically cost 15p per minute from landlines and between 10-40p per minute from mobiles. Calls from mobiles and landlines are included in free call packages.

When placing a bid, you will need the property reference number. This will be detailed on the advert. Please ensure you have this to hand before attempting to place a bid.

When Can I Bid?

New properties are advertised each week on a Thursday at 12:01AM. Bids can be made up until the following Tuesday at 11:59PM. The date and time of your bid is not a factor in whether you are offered the property unless you are bidding on a ‘First Come First Served’ property, therefore it is not necessary to ensure you bid as early as possible.

Your real time bid position is shown on the website and will change depending on other bids we receive for the same property. For further information on how we allocate properties, please see the guidance.

Bidding by Automated Phone Line

To bid via the automated bidding phone line, you will need your unique reference number, memorable date and the property reference numbers for each property you would like to be considered for.

The number you need to call is: 0300 111 0134.

The process for placing the bid is as follows:

  1. Choose the correct language using the corresponding number. For example, for English press 1 and then 1 to confirm.
  2. Enter your Unique Reference Number. For example, 1234567 and press #. Press 1 to confirm.
  3. Enter the day from your memorable date and press #. For example, if your memorable date is 01/02/1901 you would enter 01 followed by #.
  4. Enter the month from your memorable date and press #. For example, if your memorable date is 01/02/1901 you would enter 02 followed by #.
  5. Enter the year from your memorable date and press #. For example, if your memorable date is 01/02/1901 you would enter 1901 followed by #.
  6. To make a bid press 1. If you want to review or cancel your bids press 2. To exit press 3.
  7. Enter the property reference number for the property you would like to bid for and press #. For example, enter 123 followed by #. Press 1 to confirm the bid. You may then repeat steps 6 and 7 to place further bids (up to a maximum of 3) or end the call.

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