Who Can Use the Service

Sheffield City Council operates an open register and therefore any person over the age of 16 can apply to join the Housing Register. However, generally you will not be made an offer of a property until you are at least 18 years old.

The Housing Act 1996 prevents Local Authorities from offering a property to some people because of their immigration status. We will let you know if this applies to you after you register.

If you are eligible to register you may do so by completing the online application form. Following this, you will be provided with a login reference number and required to provide a memorable date which will act as your password for logging in to the website in the future. Further advice on completing the registration form can be found here.

Further Information We May Require

After submitting your application online you will be asked to provide us with various documentation such as identification and a reference. You may also be asked to provide evidence of your immigration status where relevant. You should make sure that all of this documentation is available to you before completing your online application. Failure to provide this within the given timescales will mean you will need to restart the process from the beginning by submitting a further online application. Further advice on the documentation we require and the timescales for providing this can be found here.